Japan Biwa Music Association Study Group “Heike Biwa as Passed Down by Mr. Haruhiko Kindaichi” Lecturer: Suda Seishu

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, a study group of Japan Biwa Music Association, “Heike biwa passed down by Mr. Haruhiko Kindaichi” will be held at Shinobazu-dori Fureai Kan in Nezu, Bunkyo-ku. This year’s event is open to non-members of the Japan Biwa Music Association, so those interested are welcome to come and see the performance. The lecturer is Mr. Seishu Suda, President of Japan Biwa Music Association. He is my teacher.

As I look through the research materials left by Dr. Kindaichi, his passion and soft personality seem to emerge from his writings. From Mr. Kindaichi to Mr. Suda, I am still trying to speak out, but I would like to continue learning by cherishing what you have passed on to me.

Japan Biwa Music Association Study Group “Heike biwa as passed down by Mr. Haruhiko Kindaichi
Lecturer: Seishu Suda, President, Japan Biwa Music Association

Saturday, March 23, 2024, 1:30 p.m.
Fee: Free of charge
Venue: Shinobazu-dori Fureaikan, B1F

Shinobazu-dori Fureai-kan, 2-20-7 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
<Tokyo Metro
2 minutes walk from “Nezu” station on Chiyoda line
10 minutes walk from “Sendagi” station
<Metropolitan Bus
Upper 60, Upper 26, Upper 58 systems
2-4 minutes walk from “Nezu Sta.
Please use public transportation as there is no parking.

Japan Biwa Music Association 03-5371-0120
MAIL biwagaku1959@gmail.com
Please contact MISHOP if you wish to view the exhibition.

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