From Samukawa Shrine to the site of Kajiwara no Kagetoki Hall|Walking the model course for the Kajiwara-san tour of Ichinomiya

The town of Samukawa is located in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, there is an area where the folklore of Kajiwara no Kagesutoki, a character in the Tale of the Heike, remains. I went there to greet the Kajiwara clan as they will soon be performing.

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2-minute walk from the north exit of JR Samukawa Station. Distributed at the Samukawa Town Tourist Association.

The map shows Samukawa Station as the starting point, but this time we started from the goal point, Samukawa Shrine, and went around to return to the starting point, Samukawa Station.

Starting from Samukawa Shrine. Cherry blossoms and greenery are beautiful.

I was able to meet the two people I was looking for. Mr. Agyo and Mr. Ungyo. They are as cool as ever.

Follow the map from the approach to Samukawa Shrine to the Ni-no-Torii – Ichi-no-Torii and cross the Signal Daimon-mae crossing to enter Ichinomiya Green Road.

Ichinomiya Greenway where you can enjoy seasonal flowers. Koayame (Japanese iris) say hello.

The tiles on the ground are also pretty.

The remains of an abandoned Nishi-Samukawa branch line in the middle of Ichinomiya Greenway. Rails and sleepers still remain.

Continue on the Tamura-do Oyama Road and cross the Ichinomiya Pedestrian Bridge to reach the Kajiwara Kagesutoki Kan site.

There was a Tenmangu Shrine inside. It is said to have been built by local residents in memory of the elegance of Lord Keitoki. I wanted to go to the grave of Den Nanashishi Kajiwara near the shrine, but it was difficult to determine whether it was private property or not. I will ask how to get there next time.

Hougetsudou Mononofu: 1,200 yen for 6 pieces (April 2024)

Keitoki monaka” and “Kagetoki manju” 3 pieces each

Keitoki monaka” is a sword-shaped middle with azuki muzu-an (red bean paste) filling.

KAGETOKI MANJU” Keitoki manju is made with white sweet bean paste with condensed milk and dried grapes.


“Kajiwara Kagetoki was a man who saved Minamoto no Yoritomo while he was on the run at the Battle of Ishibashiyama, and was therefore highly valued by the Kamakura Shogunate. He had a close relationship with Samukawa Shrine and had a mansion here in Ichinomiya, and the local people have formed an association to honor him and protect the historical site.”

From the back of the package

If you want to learn more about Kajiwara no Kagetoki and his family, we also recommend “Kajiwara no Susume -Samagawa ver. -“, which is available at the Samukawa Tourist Association.

Samukawa Town Tourist Association

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On April 21, 2024, I went to the general meeting of the Lord Kajiwara Honoring Society of the Town of Samukawa.

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