Event Report: Yumeguri – The Tale of the Heike as told on the Heike Biwa with Audio

January 30, 2024, “The Tale of the Heike” heard in Heike Biwa “Yuminagashi” was held at garden & space Kuru Kuru in Kamakura. We celebrated the first time the event was held! Thank you to everyone who attended.

Click here for a video of the show (audio only, 9:25 min.)
The Tale of the Heike, Vol. 11, “Yuminagashi”
*Please note the volume.
Some parts may be difficult to hear due to the sound of the venue being left intact.

The venue is a western-style room on the right side of the first floor of a building surrounded by greenery. The Enoden train passes right next door!
Actually, I came here last year looking for a venue for a small concert that I will start this year. At first, we thought we would have a concert in the Japanese-style room next door, where people could listen to the music while they slept. Then I heard the sounds of construction work in the neighborhood, children’s voices, and the Enoden train, and as I looked at the greenery spreading out before me, I had an idea. I thought, “I want to do a military/combat story here. I wanted to superimpose the various sounds produced by people living today with those of people who lived more than 800 years ago. Let’s give it a try. So, the Tale of the Heike, which I will tell at this venue, is a military/kassen story. Since the language of the story is a little difficult to understand, we are going to read a modern translation of the story and then put the Heike biwa narration into the structure of the story.

Various things placed in the venue are also cute.

There are instruments, too. Yeah, they are cute (just look at them).

The garden seen from inside the room is also lovely.

We have received an inquiry about live streaming (online). We are not ready to do so at this time, but we have received your approval to do so on a trial basis, and wow… we have a lot of issues to work on. We hope you will give us some more time. Thank you very much to everyone who participated online, Kuru Kuru.

garden & space Kuru Kuru
2-7-12, Yuhigahama, Kamakura, 〒248-0014

We are planning to have “Atsumori’s Last Days”, “Kiso’s Last Days”, “Saka Yagura”, etc. at this venue… The location is very close to Wadazuka. Since everyone in Wada is so close, I am planning to include “Enya” somewhere.

Wadazuka – from the official Kamakura City Tourism Guide

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