Event Report – With Audio – Yuminagashi – Reading Course @ KamakuraKomachian May 31, 2024

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Let’s read the Tale of the Heike together in Kamakura. A reading course that started in April at the KamakuraKomachian study hall. The second session in May was Yuminagashi.

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Audio only, 4 minutes 22 seconds
The Tale of the Heike, Vol. 11, “YumiNagashi”
Recording: May 31, 2024 Rehearsal
Please note that there may be parts that are difficult to listen to due to the sound being left as it is in the venue.

nokorishikiwa umawooshiudekakezu kenbushitezoitarikeru mionoyanojuurouwa mikatanoumanokegeenigeitteikizukiitari katakiwaoutemokozu shiraenonaginatani kabutonoshikorowotakakusashiage daionjyouwoagete korekoso kyouwaranbeno yobunaru kazusanoakushichibyouekagekiyoyo to nanorisutetezonokinikeru

The remaining four horsemen were sparing their horses and watching the battle from a distance. Sano Tsurugi ran into the shelter of his allies’ horses and caught his breath. The enemy did not pursue, but raised his long sword with a white handle high above his helmet and shouted at the top of his voice, “This is the man they call Kagekiyo of Kazusa.“ and then retreated.

The entrance to Komachi-an on this day
It was a disappointing rainy day, but it was also a pleasure to see the greenery of the plants stand out even more.

The hydrangea season is almost here in Kamakura. Hello at the entrance to Komachian.

Hand towel of the day
A towel handkerchief designed with the Chikubushimamoude. I can’t do without a towel handkerchief at this time of year.

The recitation class lasts 90 minutes with a short break in the middle. We ask that you sit on a chair (no need to worry, there is no seiza). This time’s Yuminagashi is the story after Nasu Yoichi, so we decided to make it a class that directly connects from the end of the last class to the beginning of this one. Yes, there wasn’t enough time! There are still a lot of issues to be dealt with this time too… The reading class is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with everyone, so it’s always a pleasure to listen to the stories, and I learned a lot again this time too. Let’s all read out loud together again soon. Thank you very much. And to those who couldn’t make it this time, we’ll see you next time! Thank you to the owner of Komachi-an for letting us use the venue.

Komachi-an’s C.V.C STUDIO HARU is a picture book studio that mainly uses the internet to create picture stories, picture books, storytelling and narration. We create various stories with heartwarming, soft and sometimes sharp illustrations. Some of our works can be viewed on YouTube. This time, we were able to participate as narrators in the second story of the first chapter of “Kotone, Ryu and Jin”. Thank you very much. I hadn’t had the chance to hear my own voice telling other stories, so it was a refreshing experience. Reading stories again is fun and difficult. My narration is poor, but please take a look if you like. Please be careful of the volume (ghosts) as there are horror elements.

Kotone, Ryu, and Jin, Chapter 1, Part 2 10 minutes 48 seconds

2-6-16-2 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
5 min. walk from West Exit of JR Yokosuka Line Kamakura Station

Click here for the annual schedule of the reading class @ KamakuraKomachian.

Next course information
Date: Friday, June 28, 2024
Time: 10:00-11:30 Doors open 9:40
Capacity: 6 persons
Program: “Chikubushimamoude” from The Tale of the Heike, Vol. 7
Type: Recitation + Storytelling (everyone listens to a recitation followed by Heike Biwa performance and storytelling)
Fee: 2200 yen (tax included)
Payment: Advance payment (credit card payment on the reservation website)
Application deadline: Wednesday, June 26, 2024

The Tale of the Heike, Vol. 7 “Chikubusubushimamoude”
Taira no Tsunemasa, a skilled poet and orchestrator, was deeply moved by the beautiful nature of Chikubu Island, which he visited on his way to war. Feeling that the island was a sacred place, he prayed to the gods and played his biwa. Then…

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please proceed to the application page from the detailed page of each date (applications for those that are to be accepted soon have not yet started). Please note that KamakuraKomachian does not accept applications, so please contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:I don’t know the Tale of the Heike at all, can I participate?
A:You are welcome to join us! Don’t worry if you don’t understand the story or the language seems difficult! We will use Hiragana text and proceed slowly. This is a course, but let’s study history! It is not a course to master how to read! It is not a course to study history or to master how to read. Read the story out loud. Don’t worry if you make mistakes. We are trying to give you a chance to feel what you feel when you listen to the performance. Our goal is to offer such a relaxed course.

Q:Can I participate by myself?
A:Please join us. All ages and genders are welcome.

Q:Can I take a single course (just one session)?
A:Yes, it’s okay! Please join us.

We look forward to seeing you at the venue.

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