What is the Tale of the Heike like heard in the heike biwa? The sound of Yumi Nagashi from the 11th volume of the Tale of the Heike is now available.

The Tale of the Heike Heike heard in Heike Biwa @ Kamakura Kuru Kuru Kuru, scheduled to start in January 2024. Rehearsal sound files of Yumi-ryu are now available. You can listen to it from the menu “See the Sound”.

Watch the sound

You can also listen here ↓ ↓


録音:2023年12月12日 リハーサル@鎌倉くるくる


語り ※平家正節より

Heike Biwa at Kamakura Kuru Kuru Kuru] Heike Monogatari (The Tale of the Heike)
Heike Biwa @ Kamakura Kuru Kuru (garden & space Kuru Kuru) is a concert of the Tale of the Heike with a modern translation. This venue will mainly feature the Tale of the Heike, which describes the wild scenes of battles and battles. In Kuru Kuru’s garden, endings and beginnings intersect with each season. The Enoden train passes right next to the room. Various dynamic of life you can feel in this building. Overlaid on this is the vibrancy of the lives of those who fought in a battle 800 years ago. The intersection of the present and the past, the end and the beginning. We hope you can feel that moment at this place. One-person participation is welcome. We look forward to seeing you at the venue.

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The Tale of the Heike at a place where you can hear the sound of the Enoden|Kamakura garden & space Kuru Kuru

The Heike Monogatari @ Kamakura Kuru Kuru in 2024 will feature “Nasu Yoichi”, “Kiso Saiki”, “Saka Yagura”, and other war stories. Please look forward to it.

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