Heike Monogatari: The Tale of the Heike Listened to in Sleep|We will hold a test.

Postscript: 12/3/2023 – Applications are now closed. Thank you.
Heike Monogatari: A Tale of the Heike Listened to in Sleep, is being held on a test basis before starting in the spring of 2024.

What is the Tale of the Heike, which I listen to in my sleep?
This is a meeting where you can listen to Heikyoku, the tale of the Heike, accompanied by the Heike biwa, literally in your sleep. The reason for this is that the audience will be able to listen to the Heikyoku while they sleep.

One song is too long.
I’m going to fall asleep while listening to this.
…I’m going to be sleepy because the language is so difficult.
… I’m losing focus.
. it might be harder to stay awake.
…Sitting all the time hurts my back.

Depending on the type of story, you tend to get sleepy. If that is the case, I thought it might be nice to have an opportunity for you to listen to the Heike Monogatari while you sleep, so I decided to perform the Heike Monogatari while you sleep. If you respect the Heike Monogatari and the tradition of Heikyoku, you may be rebuked for listening to it in your sleep! I am sorry, but please let me do it. We have not been able to find a suitable place where people can listen to the Heikyoku in their sleep, because it requires a certain space and some other conditions.

This meeting at the venue (near Fujisawa Station, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture) will be held in a small group and without an exchange of impressions session. Due to the size of the venue, we will keep the group size small so that you can have as much space as possible, and we will not have a feedback sharing session or exchange meeting after the session. This is because I want you to cherish the sensations you felt during that time. Though it is fun to have an impression-sharing session, I think it is a little sad when someone else says something and your own feelings are drowned out by their words, or when you feel that it is nothing compared to someone else. It is nice to have someone else’s feeling, but this time, I want you to cherish your own feeling. I wonder if it was like this, I don’t know! I think such a feeling is also a flower circle for all of us. I hope you will return home with a variety of thoughts and feelings.

This is a shortened version as this is a test event.

Recommended for…
Those who are interested in listening to the classics in bed.
Those who would like to listen to Heike-kyoku (a tale of the Heike with Heike biwa accompaniment).
Those who would like to look at themselves at a different time.

[Event Guidelines
The Tale of the Heike, listened to in one’s sleep@Fujisawa
Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Time: 18:00-18:40 Doors open 17:40
Fee: Free of charge
Capacity: 4 persons
Location: About 10 minutes walk from JR Fujisawa Station North Exit
Address: To be provided upon application
Program: “Atsumorisaigo” from The Tale of the Heike, Vol. 9
Schedule: Introductory commentary, Heike biwa performance and narration.
How to apply: finished

Due to miscommunication, we do not make reservations by phone or email. We only accept reservations through our reservation form. Thank you very much for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

From the Grand Council of State

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