Event Report: We performed a short performance version of “The Voice of Yoshitsune” with the support of Fujisawa City.

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On June 18th 2024, we held “The Voice of Yoshitsune – Short Performance Version” at F-Place, a complex facility that includes the Fujisawa Community Center and Labor Hall in Fujisawa City. Thank you to everyone who came out in the rain. We will now deliver a report on the event.

▼Audio is here (please be careful with the volume)
7 minutes 52 seconds
Recording: June 18, 2024 (live)
“Sakaro” from the voice of Yoshitsune
Some parts may be difficult to hear due to the sound of the venue being left intact.

F Place Multi-Purpose Room 2
This time, it was a short 40-minute concert where the audience sat down to listen. We used a projector to provide commentary.

Dress for Performance
On rainy days, I wear black training clothes instead of hakama.

This time’s structure
1. What is that, a biwa?
2: An Angry Yoshitsune, a Sad Yoshitsune
3: Yoshitsune laughing and Yoshitsune threatening

Recently, I’ve been including a short explanation of the Heike biwa at the beginning of my concerts. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t know that there were different types of biwa until I started learning under my master in my late 30s… I had always assumed that they were all the same. So before I start playing, I talk about how I’m going to be playing Heike biwa today, and how there are various types of biwa, such as Satsuma biwa and Chikuzen biwa, which are dynamic and beautiful to play. I hope that people will experience playing various types of biwa, as well as Heike monogatari.

By the way, here is the Heikyoku (a recitation of the Heike Monogatari accompanied by the Heike biwa) in which Yoshitsune is speaking this time.

Yoshitsune’s Voice – Short Performance Version
Yoshitsune in a rage: Heikyoku “NasunoYoichi”
Minamoto no Yoshitsune Grieves: Heikyoku “Tsuginobusaigo”
Yoshitsune laughing: Heikyoku “Yuminagashi”
Yoshitsune threatens: “Sakaro” (a type of castle tower)

It was a 40-minute story that gradually built up to the climax, with sections that suddenly became intense and powerful, or where the mood changed depending on the story, even when using the same melody.

This was the first time we had a lecture-style concert of this type, but it was a good experience to be able to use a projector. Thank you very much, F-Place. I’m sorry that the concert went by in a flash. I tried to do too much with the biwa and narration while explaining… There are a lot of issues with the structure and performance. I will continue to practice. Thank you very much to everyone who came in the rain, and please be careful on your way home!

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The Tale of the Heike, Part 4: “Nue” (a little scary)

At this concert, we will tell stories that became the models for the mysterious stories and ghost stories in The Tale of the Heike Listened to by Heike biwa accompaniment. Don’t worry, it’s not scary if you listen to it in the daytime.
*Applications for this concert are now finished.

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